Here you can find answers to some frequently asked questions about the KiDMEMO service. If you do not see the answer to your question, please contact us at contact@kidmemo.com.

About us

Who runs the KiDMEMO service?

KiDMEMO is run by a company based in Helsinki, Finland - here's our contact information. The company was founded in 2011. The service has been designed and created in close cooperation with leading talents from different fields.


The service was born out of a personal need. During pregnancy and after the birth of our child, we wanted to save precious memories of the baby, but simply could not find an optimal way to do it. We had a traditional baby book, but it was just gathering dust on our bookshelf, and all our photos were digital, so printing them all out to put in a book seemed time-consuming and inconvenient. We also wanted a safe, secure way to share photos and news about our children with their grandparents and godparents.

We wanted a service that would make saving precious memories as easy as sending a text message, as well as a baby book that wouldn't just end up gathering dust and that could be completed together with our loved ones. We also wanted to have a place where information about the child's size would be accessible from anywhere, making it extremely convenient for family and friends doing last-minute shopping for gifts!

However, we couldn't find any service offering all these features. So, we decided to create one ourselves.

Who is behind KiDMEMO?

KiDMEMO is the brainchild of Jenni and Ari Lahti.

Before having her first child, Jenni was working as a management consultant. When this child turned a year old, Jenni decided to turn her idea into a reality by setting up her own company for KiDMEMO together with her husband. Jenni has a master's in Economic Sciences, so in addition to extensive experience in changing diapers, telling stories and fairytales and lulling her children to sleep, she also has professional experience in investment banking and the private equity industry.

Ari is the father of four children. He specialises in riddles, playing soccer in the park and building massive cities with colourful building blocks. As a licentiate in Political Sciences, Ari also applies his parenting skills and patience in the grown-up world as a managing director in the finance industry, an investor and a professional board member.

Using the service and signing up

Does the service cost?

Creating your account and completing a baby book online is free of charge. If you want, you can order a unique printed book, subject to a charge, for yourself or as a gift to family or friends. 

Why do you require registration and creating an account?

Signing up for an account allows us to ensure the safety of the KiDMEMO service. One of the first steps when completing the baby book is giving basic information on the child and the parents - we want to ensure that all information is for your eyes only from the very beginning. Creating our account and completing the baby book online is free of charge.

Can I use KiDMEMO on my smartphone or tablet?

Definitely! Upload a free KiDMEMO mobile app on your iPhone or Android smartphone! The app enables you to upload photos or stories with your smartphone – whenever convenient for you. Completing the baby book is possible with a tablet. 

Am I required to download and install software on my computer?

No. All you need is a regular web browser, such as one of the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera or Safari.

Completing the baby book

When is a good time to start completing a baby book?

The very moment you hear you are expecting a baby! You can start completing the baby book as early as during pregnancy. You can update your child's information during pregnancy or after birth.

Why complete a baby book online?

Online access takes traditional baby books to the next level!
  • Your baby book is always with you - you can save your memories any time and anywhere!
  • You can pick the book theme you love the most.
  • You can add your photos quickly and easily on your computer or mobile phone.
  • You can order a unique printed book as a memento for yourself or as a gift to the child’s loved ones.

How do I complete the baby book?

You will start completing the baby book just after signing up to the service. First you provide your child's basic information and pick the book theme you love the most. After this, you can continue completing the baby book whenever convenient for you.

How can I answer the questions in the book?

Place your mouse pointer over the question so that the pointer turns into a finger. Click the question with your mouse. The question will open in a new pop-up window.

What does the baby book look like? Can I modify the book design?

At the beginning, you will be able to pick the book theme that you love the most. You can also change the book theme later.

Why is the book name needed?

You can give your book a descriptive name, for example Mary's First year. The book name will be printed on the book's spine.  

Will there be more book theme options?

Absolutely! We will add more options in the future so that you can select a book for an older child, for example. We will add more book options as our service grows. If you have ideas for book themes or content, we would love to hear from you.

Can I change the book theme after starting to complete the book?

If you want to change the blue book to pink or vice versa, you can do this from the Book settings tab.


Ordering a printed book

What does the printed book look like and how much does it cost?

The printed KiDMEMO book is a high-quality, hardcover 40-page landscape book printed on 120g offset paper in A4 size. The price of a printed book is USD49.90 plus shipping. Shipping to EU countries costs €8.90 (except for Finland, which is €5.90) and €14.90 to non-EU countries (pricing on 26 May 2014).

Who prints the book and how will I get it?

Our selected print partner is Hansaprint, a Finnish print house. The book will be posted to your address or directly to a person receiving the book as a gift, depending on your preference. The book will be delivered in approximately 2 weeks from ordering.

Since the book is unique and based on your content and therefore cannot be resold, regular return policies for online shopping do not apply. However, if there are any product defects, please contact us as soon as possible.

What are the available payment methods? Are they safe?

Payment methods include the credit card payment options provided by Paytrail. Payment is safe and secure. We do not store any credit card information.

Can I order books as a gift?

Yes. A unique printed baby book is a great gift for relatives, godparents and friends! You can order as many copies as you want. Gift books can be delivered directly to the recipient.

Safety and confidentiality

Is KiDMEMO safe to use?

Yes. Being parents ourselves, we understand the importance of safety and confidentiality when it comes to any information regarding your children. This is why we have paid special attention to safety and security while developing our service. As one of these measures, we always require users to sign up and register their accounts. All data is stored on a secure server provided by Nebula, a Finnish internet service provider.

Who can see my child's information?

Content in the service (baby book texts and photos) can only be viewed by the user herself or himself. No one else can see your child's information in the KiDMEMO service.

Can I remove all my account information?

Yes. You can either remove all information for a particular child or baby book or you can remove your entire user account from the service. You can remove your account at any time through the Settings page.

What happens to my information after I have ordered a printed book?

Your information stays in the KiDMEMO service for two years in case you want to order additional copies of the book at a later stage, for example. If you want to remove all your information, you can do this on the Settings page.